From Contemporary to Glam

Hi loves!! so before I start I want to apologize from being MIA. So all this time I wasn’t posting, I was working in some house projects, we being remodeling the bathroom (i will be blogging about it in future post) and decorating the bedroom. Just that as you might know I’m a stay at home mom so every project I want to do takes me a little longer because I have to do it in a budget.


So this is how our bedroom looked… our walls where a beige and I painted them this light blue color.


This bed my mom got it from a lady that was selling it for $50 and it came with the night stands, we had it for the past 6 years (when I was pregnant of my first daughter) but I’m only 5 ft. tall and this bed was so high it made me dislike it even more every postpartum. So i put it for sale online and sold it for $450.00 just the bed, I kept the night stands.


So now that we had the bed, I had to do something to the night stands, to make them look a bit more modern…


…yes I chalk paint them


and so far, this is how my bedroom is turning out.20160223_070006

so as I keep decorating, I will keep posting to keep you update.

Thanks for taking your time to visit my blog.

God bless you.


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