…So ever since we updated our home floors from carpet to tile… I being kind of wondering how could I give my ottoman an update too. Long story short, while they were working in changing our floor I convince my husband to help me repurpose a dark brown dresser I had behind my sofa to a new TV console.

This is how my living room looked before (this pictures is from our first Christmas in this house)


The TV was on top of a console that came with the sofa when we bought it, but since we have high ceilings I always thought it look to small on that tall wall, so we updated the brown dresser, we painted it  with chalk paint and change the knobs.

IMG_20151108_095911            IMG_20151108_095935

I always wanted to decorate my living room with a beach house feel, and all that brown I had wasn’t doing the job, so adding touches of blue, took me where I believe made the perfect touch.

IMG_20150829_162925   20151107_181859

…now that I had the TV wall how I wanted, I knew for sure I had to update my ottoman.


so we added some color to it…


and by adding a rug gave the room a cozy touch. (now all I have left to do is change the pillows, I will post pictures whenever I do so.)


Thanks for reading.  Feel free to leave a comment.

God bless you.


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