Fall Decor DYI

Oh how much I love Fall!!!  When those lovely (sometimes too hot) summer days are over and Fall arrives all I can think about is, Thanksgiving is around the corner! and although here in Texas is doesn’t really feels like falls I have decided to make my house look like fall on the inside.


So the other day I stopped by the dollar store, which is my daughter’s favorite store, and they had a variation of Fall decor, so I decide to do some simple and easy DIYs to make my house a bit more cozy.


This is what I bought, spent less than $15.

2015-10-13_08.22.50       2015-10-13_08.23.52

So I mentioned before, I bought everything at the dollar store, even the autumn leaves, make sure the vase is clean, and all you have to do is apply a thin later of mod podge in a small section of the vase (I used my fingers, but you can use a sponge too) once that layer becomes quite sticky, place leaf on the vase. Paint more mod podge on top of the leaf, make sure to smooth out the edges.  when you are done putting all the leaves in the vase let it dry for a few hours, and then place the fake flowers in it (or if you wants to use real ones).


I also did this vase and place a tealight candle inside (you can used those battery operated flickering candles)


  • Don’t be scare to apply a lot of mod podge on top of the leaf eventually it will dry clear.
  • Don’t try to get too perfect with laying the leaves down, leaves by nature have imperfections and it looks more rustic when all the corners are not completely flush against the vase.


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